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Paxon Alumni Classes of 1955 through 1967

July 5, 2008

Florida National Guard Maxwell Snyder Armory

9900 Normandy Blvd.

Jacksonville, Fl 32211

Noon -11 p.m.

DJ and other entertainment

Admission in advance   $10.00 in advance - includes snacks/drinks all day

Lunch (Noon- 2 p.m.)         8.00  hamburgers, hotdogs and chips

Dinner (5-7 p.m.)            12.00  BBQ chicken, pork, ribs, slaw beans

Dessert Donations will be most appreciated.

Admission at the door on the day of the Reunion $15.00 (snacks  & drinks)

Lunch and Dinner are only available if ordered in advance.

Casual dress � be comfortable!   No alcohol,  Adult guest only, please

Mail checks payable to: Paxon Reunion

                                    % Eva Stithem

                                    245 Oliver St.

                                    Baldwin, Fl 32234